Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Cheesecake Square

I love the cooler weather (after it goes through the malaria stage) and the fall foods and the fall beers and the... okay, so basically just the weather and the food and beer. But still! Fall is great.

“Fall is here and all I have to say is f@%k fall. Fall. I hate the fall. What bullsh*t. Oh the leaves change color, they change color for 2 days! Then a big wind comes and all you got are nothing but sticks for the rest of the year. And then the weather is completely nonsense. You don’t even have a proper fall coat. Nothing you wear is right. You wake up its sunny out you put a coat on, you go out you’re sweating like a pig, you take it off and then its cold, its bullshit! Suns out you’re sweating but there’s a breeze so your freezing. It’s not weather its malaria!”

 – Lewis Black

I do love Lewis Black. His words are so true. And while the above is certainly true for Fall, I love it! I love the cooler weather (after it goes through the malaria stage) and the fall foods and the fall beers and the… okay, so basically just the weather and the food and beer. But still! Fall is great. And while we may be reaching a pumpkin tipping point, I will continue to enjoy each and every fall/pumpkin item that comes out. Which leads me to…

The Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Cheesecake Square


Just look at it. Bask in its golden, pumpkinny glory! Kneel! Kneel before… Sorry! I don’t know what happened. I was overcome with the pumpkin doughnut. It’s okay. I’m fine now.


Well, let’s start with the basics. It’s a standard DD yeast based doughnut, think the glazed except square and filled with pumpkin cheesecake. Delicious. Pumpkin. Cheeseca… Sorry! I almost lost it again. The top is covered with an orange icing with a white decorative drizzle and streusel crumbs.


When cut in half you can see some of the filling. Okay, it’s hard in this picture since the inside of the doughnut and the filling are nearly identical in color. Hold on…


There we go. Before I go any further, can we talk about DD’s general lack of filling in doughnuts over time? I remember when I was a kid we would eat those vanilla and chocolate butter cream filled powdered doughnuts. Those things were STUFFED! You had to plan your bites, because as soon as you bit into it cream would just explode all over (we really need to talk about getting “phrasing” back in the rotation). I even remember my dad driving to a specific DD that was a little further from our house, because they had even more filling in them. Now, just look at it. Hardly fills half the doughnut. Shameful. Anyway…

I took a smell and didn’t really get anything other than doughnut. So I took a bite.




Okay. So, I know that DD has done cheesecake squares a while back. I think they were Oreo. I didn’t have any of those, so I have no comparison, but let me say, this thing was delicious! The filling tasted like pumpkin and ginger and a little cinnamon. It was light and airy as if it had whipped cream folded into it. There was a little cheesecake tang on the back. Perfect!


I tried a little of the filling by itself, and it is really good. I would eat it in a pie, or a cheesecake I guess would be more appropriate. I also tried a little of the top by itself. The icing is very sweet, but it doesn’t overpower the filling. It compliments it quite nicely. What I hadn’t realized, is that the cinnamon comes from the streusel topping. Lots of cinnamon and brown sugar in those little bits.

Anyway, I proceeded to jam the rest of the doughnut in my mouth and then wished I had a bought a dozen or two.